Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Whatnot Puzzle Page Answers

Dodo is at B (clue 1). Coco has been with the circus 3 years and the clown at
A for 2 years (clue 2), so Coco is at C. By elimination, Bobo whose real name is
Mike (3), is at A. Tom has been with the circus 5 years (4), so is at B.
By elimination, Jack is at C.

HUB-WORDS - Solution
9-letter word - EDUCATION

Some other words of five letters or more containing the hub letter I:
actin, adieu, antic, audio, audit, canid, cited, coati, cutie, dicot, dicta, edict,
indue, nicad, tenia, tonic, tunic, unite, untie, action, atonic, auntie, coined,
detain, induce, induct, notice, united, untied, aconite, auction, caution,

conduit, noctuid, noticed.

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