Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Exciting Dates From Rose

AFTERNOON TEA for Home Educators, especially for NEW or INTENDING Home Educators or people new to the area, mainly to meet up and maybe share ideas, curriculums used, etc.  Bring a plate if it suits, don't worry if it doesn't.  "Older" HEs very welcome also.
This will be at 2pm at Rose's on MONDAY, 9 JUNE.

Quite separately from home educating, I am presently involved in bring Warwick Pascoe and his educational presentation- The Making of a Masterpiece-to the West Coast.  He plans to be here on 28/29 July and I don't see why we Home Educator's should miss out!  He takes us on an amazing hour-long animated journey from birth back to conception in an interactive, humorous way, and having seen him in action, I can definitely recommend it and can also assure everyone that it is quite suitable for all ages and quite non-controversial.  Will let you know more when detais are finalised but mark those dates.  Will probably be OUTSIDE school hours.  You can look it up on www.masterpiece.org.nz.

My apologies for Project Day not happening last year - time just seemed to get out of hand.  So have decided to get in early this year and am looking tentatively at THURSDAY, 3 JULY at KAIATA HALL, GREYMOUTH AREA.  If some thing comes up, or there is illness around, we might look at shifting it 
to the beginning of the 3rd term.  For all of you  who know about Project Day, start preparing or dusting up your projects and practise doing speeches
to your families.  Can be about something you have studied, or are interested in or are expert at or maybe tell about somewhere you have been.  I was thinking that this year we should have a cultural theme for the shared lunch, prepared by the children if possible, for something different.  Maybe if everyone could make something that reflected their ethnicity?
I still haven't sorted out an afternoon activity yet so welcome any ideas please or maybe we could look at going to the Aquatic Centre?

If anyone is interested in joining in with part or all of a Ski Week with the Correspondence School Parent's Association Canterbury Branch -NB - You do not have to be doing Correspondence- let me know and I can send you details.  The week starts 11 August, will be in Cardrona, Treble Cone area and they are a nice bunch of people to be away with.  Skiing is very expensive but this group manage to get really good deals, being educational!  If you are keen, let me know sooner rather than later as they need to book accommodation especially.

That's all from me at the moment.
Will be good to catch up with you all,

West Coast Home Educators

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