Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Art Afternoon Date mistake

Oops!  Date: Wednesday, 14th of March

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Hi there, Lovely People!

There will be an art afternoon aimed at little ones - preschool to early school years - here next week.
Please let me know if you plan to come.  We will be making collage in a box/frame.  A lovely friend has donated twenty beautiful boxes for the project.  
Any older or younger children are welcome to come join in, help, or play while the younger ones are busy, but priority will be to the specified age group.

Date: Friday, 14th March
Time: 1pm
Venue: 32b Providence Drive
Bring: stuff to stick in the display box - nature things - eg. moss, sticks, leaves, little toy animals/cars to make a scene, paper or poster for a back ground.  Glue and boxes provided.  We can nip down to the shoe store for extra boxes if necessary.

 I will post a picture of the boxes on the blog site so you can get an idea of size.  For ideas, try these links, or google 'diorama':

If you find yourself on Wednesday without any materials, we do have native bush behind our place for a quick nature hunt if necessary.

Please get back to me by Monday.


West Coast Home Educators

West Coast Home Educators

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